Most industries operate without considering the biodiversity or the ecological sensitivity of the surrounding area. However, in order to be a truly responsible corporate entity, it is important to identify the microclimate of the area, and have a working knowledge of natural resource cycles such as water cycles and ecological cycles. This understanding will provide an immense benefit to a corporate entity, as it will be able to identify the long-term consequences of their activities and help adopt measures to enhance the quality of the microclimate.


Some of the key focus areas when conducting a Biodiversity Assessment are listed below;


  • Assess and quantify the biodiversity within and around a site’s premises

  • Identify ecologically sensitive areas within and around a site’s premises

  • Identification of immediate & future risks/impacts to the biodiversity

  • Provide suggestions to avoid, minimise and mitigate adverse impacts on biodiversity, enhance the present ecological condition, protect & conserve biodiversity, maintain ecosystem services (if any) and sustainably manage living natural resources

  • Provide CSR initiatives to protect any unique habitats within and around a site’s premises