As a leading hill country hotel, Mahaweli Reach Hotel (MRH), has dedicated its business to providing excellence to its guests while acknowledging the burden the surrounding landscape has endured throughout the years. Preserving and mitigating their impact on the environment was of the highest importance when it came to the business decision of embarking on a three year environmental commitment. 


  • In-depth audits were conducted to assess MRH’s impact baseline.

  • Relevant Environmental Data Recording and Monitoring Systems were subsequently implemented.

  • An internal sustainability team was formed to brainstorm ideas and to drive footprint mitigation initiatives whilst tracking progress through comprehensive management plans.


Mahaweli Reach Hotel, the first hotel to achieve 5-star status in Kandy, marked another milestone in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka by becoming the first hotel to be certified as a CarbonConscious®, WaterConscious® and WasteConscious® Hotel.

“The efforts of our staff and management team, with the help of The Carbon Consulting Company, have made our vision of becoming a sustainable business entity a reality.

– Mr. Jayantha Panabokke, Managing Director of Mahaweli Reach