People's Bank, one of Sri Lanka's oldest financial institution, decided to embark on a major sustainability journey to manage and mitigate its environmental footprint across its branch offices within the country. Noting the drastic effects of climate change, they made an executive decision to launch a formal Environmental Sustainability Policy.


  • Created and implemented a Sustainability Framework, that spans across all divisions of the organisation, including the head office, regional offices and the entire branch network. 

  • Creation of sustainability teams across all key operational functions to manage the bank's environmental and social initiatives. 

  • An extensive Carbon Management Plan was introduced spanning three years. 


People's 'Green Pulse' was launched to measure, manage and mitigate the bank's environmental impact.

The bank focused on energy, waste and increasing the efficiency of products, services and other resources. The bank’s digitisation process reduces the amount of paper the branches use.

Additionally, People’s Bank launched its green banking concept, which offers concessionary lending to environmentally friendly business projects and promotes the digital banking drive.

"Every action, be that of an individual or a company, leaves behind a Carbon Footprint. As a responsible corporate entity, we realise that the effects of greenhouse gases and climate change are knocking at our doors."


– Hemasiri Fernando, Chairman, People's Bank