For over 50 years, Eswaran Brothers Export has been satisfying your tastebuds with sustainable tea.


With a high global footprint and water intensive production process, we made it our mission to mitigate Tea So Tea's footprint and ensure all aspects of their supply chain were looked at.


  • Shifted to biodegradable packaging

  • The tea is sourced only through local farmers, helping communities around the Sri Lankan Hill country. 

  • Assessed carbon, water, and waste footprints and implemented management plans to reduce each throughout the supply chain


Tea So Tea became the worlds first CarbonNeutral® Tea Product.


Good for the people and the planet, Eswaran ensures its business practices provide fair wages to local farmers and also mobilizes community efforts to preserve  ecosystems through replanting trees in the Hiniduma Bio-link project in Southwest region of Sri Lanka.

“ The CarbonNeutral® certification was the one of the first steps in fulfilling our vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable tea company. Indeed we were the first Tea company in the world to be certified as CarbonNeutral®. We strongly believe that fulfilling our responsibilities to the planet goes hand in hand with our responsibility to traditional stakeholders, and is very much an extension of our founder’s vision for this company.”

– Subramaniam Eassuwaren, Director, Eswaran Brothers