Carbon Insetting 

Ansell - Bio Link Project

In 2017, Ansell Ltd partnered with CCC to launch a ground breaking agro-forestry project that created a biodiversity corridor connecting Haycock and Dunawala, two separate and protected rainforests in the southern region of Sri Lanka. Two thousand trees were planted in the first year and 1000 trees have been planting each year afterwards for a five year period. The trees are predominantly native and endemic and are well adapted to the ecosystem. The project is validated and certified under ISO 14064-2 and is Sri Lanka’s first forestry project to be certified under this standard and also the country’s first carbon insetting project. The certified insets shall be used by Ansell Ltd to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Lalan Rubbers - Biodiversity

CCC worked with Lalan Rubbers (Pvt) Ltd in quantifying the emission reductions of a unique rubber based agro-forestry project in Miyanawita and Dabar. Under the project, an area of 251 hectares of degraded lands were restored with active participation of the local communities. The emission reductions were estimated using actual field measurements and the CDM methodology - A/R Large-scale Consolidated Methodology, Afforestation and reforestation of lands except wetlands (AR-ACM0003) Version 02.0. The project is validated and certified under ISO 14064-2 by The Sustainable Future Group and is estimated to generate 109,698 tCO2e certified insets over a 30 year period. 

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In 2019 the Hirdaramani Group achieved net-zero status for their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy use of its Sri Lankan apparel vertical. Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions of the 19 factories were assessed and were externally validated against the ISO 14064 standard. Separately, an assessment was conducted for three Wind Power Plants in Puttlam district generating 29.7 MW of energy to calculate the emission reductions. The projects are jointly owned by the Hirdaramani Group and the Akbar Brothers Group under the JV Company WindForce (Pvt) Ltd. Following these assessments, the Hirdaramani Group submitted both the factory emissions and emission reductions from the wind plants to be verified by a 3rdparty verification body, The Sustainable Future Group. Upon completing successful verification, the Hirdaramani Group claimed that they reached a Net-Zero status for emissions from energy. The emission reductions from the Wind Power Plants are monitored annually to ensure actual emission reductions occurs.