The old adage “you can’t manage what you haven’t measured” holds sway for corporate sustainability as well. The first step towards a greener corporate future is to accurately assess the environmental impact that results from a company’s operations. Furthermore, a reputed third party assessment/validation body can lend credibility and raise the visibility of your CSR efforts, whilst at the same time ensuring that the most appropriate, internationally accepted protocols, norms and practices are adhered to in the measurements. Additionally, a new third party perspective can often identify overlooked opportunities for further efficiency savings, and be leveraged to support internal change and risk management.


The CCC Team works across a multitude of environmental disciplines to give clients an independent assessment of the current state of their environmental impact and actionable solutions to manage and/or mitigate it. Our work in Carbon Footprinting, Water Footprinting/Auditing, Waste Auditing, Energy Auditing and Biodiversity Assessments have enlightened clients into many aspects of their environmental impacts, reducing negative impact, driving operational efficiency, and strengthening their brands.