Strategic Services 
Strategy Meeting

Sustainability Strategy

A sustainability strategy is the detailed ‘road map’  to transform a company’s sustainability proposition into a holistic integration of its mission and vision with long-term practical and realistic sustainable development goals. We help clients map out the results of an integrated stakeholder analysis, working with their core teams to obtain consistent feedback to determine the best way forward to implement their overall objectives. The strategy is then formulated with due consideration to the aspects of ‘People’, ‘Planet’ and ‘Profit’ in a way that reflects how the organisation would like to grow and evolve.  

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Advisory Services 

From partnering a national level initiative to Measure Record and Verify Greenhouse Gas inventories, assisting in developing the national carbon trading platform, partnering developers to conducting feasibility studies and  set up and register globally recognized greenhouse gas reduction projects, our team has an abundance of sustainability based advisory services to bring to the table. 

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Materiality Analysis 

Our 4 step process follows the framework set out in the  Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 standard. Our expert team will help assess the organization’s values, policies, strategies, operational management systems with its main sustainability interests and indicators identified by stakeholders along with the most significant environmental impacts and areas of greatest environmental risk 

Sustainable Development
Sustainable Energy

 Carbon Offsetting   

A carbon offsetting project refers to a business initiative that receives funding because of the cut the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) will result. To prove that the project will result in real, permanent, verifiable reductions in Greenhouse Gases, proof must be provided in the form of a project design document and activity reports validated by an approved third party. They are validated & registered on a global registry following an internationally accepted protocol/standard (VCS, CDM, Plan Vivo, etc.)

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Carbon Insetting 

Carbon insetting  refers to  a relatively new concept where a   business chooses to launch an initiative that cuts the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs)  within its own value chain or sphere of business influence. As with offsetting  the project must result in real, permanent, verifiable reductions in Greenhouse Gases, proof must be provided in the form of a project design document and activity reports validated by an independent  third party. Reductions are  retired on an independent registry against emissions of the company or its products 

Forest Trees

Forestry Management 

One of the most popular means fighting climate change in this region , reforestation remains a preferred form of climate action for most companies. Our teams adopt the same stringent measures and controls that are required by global carbon registries to design manage and report to develop stand-alone reforestation projects for global clients.  With over 25,000 trees currently under  management across multi year projects our mantra is that we do not "plant trees", but rather ensure a long term survivability to ensure that they actually reach full growth 

Sustainable Solutions

Impact Assessment

We employ an extremely  structured process to consider the implications of operational processes and management decision-making on the environmental impact of the clients we work with. From comprehensive Greenhouse Gas emissions and energy audits, to assessing operational water consumption and determining waste streams, our team works ‘hand in glove’ with corporates seeking to understand the overall influence their presence has on the environment. We assess operational processes and provide customised recommendations for mitigation of negative environmental impacts. All our assessments follow internationally recognised standards developed by the leading standards bodies in the respective fields. 

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Product Lifecycles

A Product Carbon Footprint Assessment is a detailed evaluation of the total GHG emissions from the manufacture of a specific product, from extraction of raw materials to either dispatch from the manufacturer gate or disposal of consumed products. Emissions ranging from energy, manufacturing/operational processes, deliveries of raw material and other goods, and waste are quantified to determine any product emissions hotspots within the value chain. The comprehensive assessment follows the ISO 14067:2018, Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard, PAS 2050: 2011, Carbon Neutral Protocol with the ecoinvent Database. This is a trending way of companies seeking to truly understand the impact their products have on the environment. 


Communications Design

A key part of any sustainability initiative is creating avenues of engagement with different stakeholders across diverse sectors of a corporate’s universe. A part of our value-added services, our creative team create and design social media posts, infographics, posters, and individual communication pieces as required for the assessments or audits we carry out.


We also work with many clients’ Marketing/Communications teams to help maximise the PR value of the certifications achieved and other sustainability efforts undertaken. Our communication effort also extend to social media and online efforts to maximize campaign impacts.