In addition to the native and endemic rainforest trees planted in farm lands, 30 Kumbuk (Terminalia Arjuna) were planted in Thawalama Vidyaraja Vidyalaya. In order to raise awareness and engage the local community in the programme, teams from Ansell Lanka and CCC conducted an Awareness Programme for the students of the ‘Environmental Pioneer Brigade’ at the Neluwa National School on the scope of the Project. This included topics on biodiversity, the impact of climate change as well as discussions on actions to prevent further adverse climate change. 


As the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation become evident, many leading corporations are identifying both the risks and opportunities associated with them and evolving their business models accordingly. Investing in this project of national significance demonstrates Ansell Lanka’s ongoing commitment to environmental and social responsibility. As a global leader in protection solutions, it further aligns its operational objectives with playing a key role in the protection of local and endemic biodiversity in Sri Lanka.