CCC 18 Month Review: Steady March to a Greener Economy

June 18, 2012

In the one and a half years it has been operational, the Carbon Consulting Company has seen the Sri Lankan business community on a steady march towards a greener economy. What was once a backburner issue to many Sri Lankan business leaders, environmentally sustainable business practices have evolved into a core area of concentration for any successful business. Owing to a number of external and internal pressures, many leading businesses have had to evolve their business model to take stock of their environmental impact with carbon accounting being the currency of choice in communicating organization’s environmental credentials.




To this end CCC can boast of helping a number of leading Sri Lankan companies achieve a number of “firsts” in Asia and the world. Some of our key achievements over the past year include, The Worlds first Carbon Neutral Tea Company, when we made Eswaran Brothers Exports a certified CarbonNeutral Company. Through this certification, Eswaran Brothers has been able to make a significant impact in the global tea market and generate much hype around the new products it has developed.


In January 2012, Mihila, the Hirdaramani green factory in Agalawatta became the first CarbonNeutral apparel Manufacturer in Asia, generating an immense amount of industry wide interest for this bold step towards creating ethical garments. CCC was instrumental in calculating the organizational carbon footprint of the factory and offsetting the carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon offsets.


Most recently CCC helped Sri Lanka’s leading freight and logistics company Expo Lanka Freight become the first carbon neutral freight forwarding company in Sri Lanka, and the second carbon neutral freight company in Asia. As shipping and logistics is one of the most polluting industries in the world, Expolanka has established itself as a responsible corporate entity and a global leader in the shipping industry.


Although most people think carbon accounting is designated to heavy polluting large scale industries, this is most definitely not the case. Smaller, service based operations are utilizing their environmental credentials to stay ahead of the curve. Hayleys Business Solutions International is one such organization when it became the first CarbonNeutral BPO in Sri Lanka, as is the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce when it became the first CarbonNeutral National Chamber in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lankan businesses are finding it increasingly important to burnish their green credentials in order to stay relevant in an ever evolving and fiercely competitive global economy. Industry leaders across the board have taken bold steps towards helping Sri Lanka position itself as a sustainable business destination. And as more and more businesses come to a crossroad as whether to continue with business as usual or become greener corporate entities, CCC will continue to be there, spearheading the way forward to a greener future.

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