June 17, 2013

Being green is not always easy, and can be hard for corporations to invite in as a reasonable choice.  However, many places are realizing that operating in a sustainable way will save them money in the end, and give major satisfaction. Other organizations are trying to change the way that people and businesses look at green living, helping to fund groups that want to operate sustainably. As a commercial contractor with green building experience, I can tell you the importance of these groups and the work they do.


Green America is a wonderful example of a multi-faceted organization trying to help the world be more sustainable. They focus on everything from creating a National “Green Pages” directory for finding green organizations, and putting their seal of approval on businesses that operate in a green manner or use green materials. This enables consumers to make educated decisions. They also focus internationally, operating “Fair Trade” that identifies materials grown and sold in a sustainable manner and fair to workers across the world.




Just as the process of traveling can be bad for the environment, so are the hotels people stay in. But some hotels are proving this does not need to be the case, making planning decisions that are good for the Earth rather than harmful. The Ritz-Carlton of North Carolina has a unique spin on this, with a roof garden that boasts 60,000 honeybees to pollinate and create honey for the hotel and nearby restaurants.


While there are a number of other green hotels, there is one that seems to stand out. The Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas has everything from solar panels to an innovative waste system recycler, making it justifiably the “Most Eco Friendly Hotel in America.”  In addition to saving them a ton of money on heating and cooling, they are much more sustainable than other similarly sized hotels.


These organizations deserve to be given appreciation and respect for their amazing efforts. This trend is continuing as more green Las Vegas hotels are continuing to be built. Without these innovators, being green and sustainable would not something the rest of the world would be willing to shoot for.

– Sam Marquit (smarquit AT

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