Waste Auditing 

Soltrim International 

SolTrim International is a leading producer of printed and woven labels, hang tags, heat transfer labels, price tickets, boxes, and polybags. Soltrim is prominent in the field of providing high-quality apparel brand identification labels and packaging products for both local and international customers. 


The CCC team conducted a Comprehensive Waste Audit of the Soltrim Factory located in Rajagiriya, with the main objective of maximising the efficiency of material utilisation to reduce waste generation, identify means of reusing waste where possible, and implement measures for proper disposal, through the introduction of a Waste Management Programme. This Solid Waste Audit was carried out following the UNIDO/UNEP Methodology in conducting a Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) Assessment.


The audit consisted of a comprehensive walkthrough of all operational areas of the factory premises, informational interviews with staff and management, recycling and waste capacity monitoring and an extensive waste sorting exercise.

Mahaweli Reach Hotel 

Situated along the banks of Mahaweli River, Mahaweli Reach Hotel (MRH) offers 5-star accommodation with rolling mountains as a backdrop. MRH consists of 113 guestrooms split and has a variety of amenities such as a luxury Ayurveda spa, fitness facilities, two laundry outlets, one cafe and one outlet providing food and laundry services. 


The CCC team conducted a Level II Comprehensive/Detailed Waste Audit with a compositional analysis of waste categories and evaluation of waste management practices at MRH. The Solid Waste Audit was carried out following the UNIDO/UNEP methodology in conducting Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) Assessments. Waste generated was analysed over a one-week period during the ‘off- season’ (low occupancy) and a three-day period during the ‘peak- season’ (high occupancy). In order to minimise waste and increase reuse/recycle potential, our consultants conducted training and customised recommendations for better waste management at MRH. The CCC team also recommended consistent training for hotel staff regarding material and equipment handling, best practices for housekeeping, waste segregation, and raising awareness on the importance of waste minimisation and material recovery, reuse and recycling, including an updated record system to track wastage, damages and losses.

Linea Aqua

Driven by its vision to be the best Swimwear solutions provider in the world, Linea Aquahavemanufactured competition swimwear for the Melbourne World Championships in 2006,and for Speedo for the 2004 Olympics including for swimsuits for 13 countries. This showcases the highly skilled-in-house innovation team and design studio responsible for revolutionary design and product innovation at Linea Aqua. The company committed to a long-term WasteConscious® Certification programme with CCC to reduce the waste generated at its Hanwella Factory. 


The CCC Team conducted a quantitative assessment and compositional analysis of current waste types and waste management practices at the Hanwella Factory, assessed the feasibility of applying the waste hierarchy process, and evaluated options to reduce, reuse and recycle generated waste.


The Solid Waste Audit was carried out following the UNIDO/UNEP methodology in conducting a Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) Assessments.The recommendations made by the experts at CCC were implemented at the Hanwella Factory, resulting in additional improvements to the overall waste management processes.