The global water crisis has become a health, an agricultural, an economic, and increasingly, a political crisis. Companies face a tremendous challenge when it comes to water consumption and wastage that may translate into increased costs and/or reduced profits. We take up this challenge and turn these risks into opportunities to help entities by offering strategic solutions, through our internationally recognised standards, whilst also addressing the emergent issue of water scarcity along the way.

We provide entities with Water Footprint strategies that incorporate the evaluation of its green, blue, and grey water footprints. In addition, our consultancy service covers the assessment of water consumption and wastage and strategies to mitigate the usage and cost.

Our water auditing and footprinting services provide personalised programmes for conglomerates, SMEs, single projects, individuals, and more.

Services we provide include:

  • Water Footprint/ Assessment

  • Water Auditing Consultancy Services

  • Implementation and Training

  • Reporting and Communication