“Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility”, more than any other phrase, is giving company decision makers much to contemplate. Corporations exist to make profit in a responsible way, and within CSR there is an increasing focus on aspects of “Corporate Environmental Responsibility” given the context of ever more sophisticated consumers demanding responsible global supply chain management. As corporate citizens, we need to first acknowledge the reality – unless we take pro-active steps to manage our environmental footprints, our businesses will have a negative impact on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced, water polluted/wasted and landfill waste generated during their daily operations, and, in today’s global context, they will fail. A successful business of today – one that intends to be around tomorrow, takes responsibility for and manages its environmental footprint in a transparent fashion. This is not a new side initiative or add-on project. This is business as usual, increasingly seen by investors and consumers as an indicator of sound corporate governance and prudent risk management.


At the Carbon Consulting Company (CCC), we live and breathe Sustainability. Our work primarily focuses on sustainability assessments such as Carbon Footprinting & Offsetting, Water Footprinting & Offsetting, Water Auditing, Energy Auditing, Waste Auditing, Life Cycle Analysis, and Biodiversity Assessments. However, we also provide management/technical consultancy and advisory services on Integrated Corporate Sustainability Strategy & Change Management, related Risk & Opportunity Assessments, Supply Chain Management, Stakeholder Engagement, GRI/Integrated Reporting, Green Building Strategy/LEED Certification, Carbon Offset Development Projects (VCS/CDM), and International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs). All our sustainability assessments follow international standards, protocols, methodologies and/or guidelines.

We are a “profit-for-purpose” Social Enterprise dedicated to spreading sustainability and all its values throughout the community, by promoting sustainable development and supporting the drive towards a greener economy.